Saturday, August 1, 2015

Me: Profile of a 3 Year and 9 Month old

Hello! Long long long time, no see! I'll fill you in on the details later, but for now, this is me!

I go by: Sophie! (But sometimes Mommy calls me "Get Down Here and Clean This Up!")

I like to eat: Oatmeal, jelly and banana sandwiches, and candy!

I like to go: To the museum, preschool, and the park!

My favorite color is: Pink! Pink, pink, PINK!

My favorite toys are: All my toys!

I love to: Dance!

My favorite TV show is: Octonauts!

I love to read: ALL THE BOOKS!!!!!

I want to be: A lifeguard!

That's me! Add any questions in the comments for more about me! I'll post again soon!


Sunday, September 7, 2014


Backlog post #4!

Hey there! August was a fun month! There were some not so fun times, but most of it was great!

   I burned myself on a pan Mom told me not to touch, I didn't even notice until Mommy pulled my arm away and put it under the cold water faucet. It was a pretty bad burn and it hurt a lot. We had to wrap it up and put ointment on it to make it better.

Two weeks later. --Adding from the future (2015), this became my first permanent scar.--

We hung out at home a lot during the first part of the month, I loved spending time with Mommy when she didn't have classes!

We went to an activity at the Barnes and Nobles and had fun taking silly pictures!

I started a new preschool and got a new backpack!

We went and got Daddy new shoes and made a day of it, all three of us!

I took these two pictures!

 Then we went to Freebirds and I got to dance to the music!

 Well, it was a fun month! See you later!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day!

Backlog Post #3!

 Howdy! We went to a 4th of July party today!! It was SO fun, I loved dressing up for it!

We even grilled burgers and corn! It was fantastic!

4th of July is so important, maybe someday I'll even be able to celebrate our independence by watching fireworks!
See you soon!



Saturday, June 28, 2014


      Hello! Sophie Mae here, and this is my special baby! I love to carry her around with me and tuck her into her stroller to go on walks. Oh boy we've got a lot to tell you! In this post I'm going to tell you about Daddy's jobs, Mommy's school, and all about me.

      Well Daddy started the year working at his job delivering water and coffee, but after he had a lumbar strain and a twisted spine (OUCH!) he wasn't recovering very quickly at all. He used up all of the physical therapy they let him have and the doctor still said he wasn't good to go back to full duty so he knew he needed to change jobs. Now he's been working for a pizza place and bar in Port Aransas. He gets lots of tips and on his off days he plays with me! He started a second job working at a fish house also in Port A, but he was working so much I never got to see him at all. Now he's back to mostly one job and I get to have breakfast with him every morning! Oh yeah, and he should be starting school at Del Mar college in the fall! He's working on paperwork for it right now. I am so proud of my daddy!

      Mommy is still working hard at school. She could graduate in December, but decided to take fewer classes in the fall and graduate in Spring instead. Right now she's studying physiological psychology and takes her finals this coming week! She started volunteering for a pregnancy resource center, but hasn't been able to go the last couple weeks because I have been sick and injured (more on that in a sec). Hopefully she will get back to volunteering this week!

      And now for me... I've had it rough the last couple weeks. First I got bug bites that made my legs swell up so big Mommy took me to urgent care! They hurt soo bad they took 2 weeks to really get better and they are still not gone. This week I got sick with a tummy bug, I am doing better, but I still feel a little bad sometimes and Mommy thinks that makes me grouchy. I don't think I'm grouchy at all!

      So guess what?? I've really grown a lot! I am almost 28 pounds and right about 35 inches tall! My favorite things to do now are learn new words and sing songs I make up myself. I love to dance and go slide at the water park. My favorite colors are yellow and blue, but my favorite color to paint with is pink. I can count to fifteen and I know all the basic shapes and colors. I try to write the letter S a lot, but Mommy says it looks like a Z and sometimes it's backwards. I write and write and write with my crayons every day, but once they're broken I won't touch them. My room is always messy and I like to sleep on the floor a lot, but I also like to line my toys up really neatly sometimes and make lines with them.

      My favorite instrument is the harmonica. I like to play it as much as I can, but I also like my xylophone. My favorite food is oatmeal, my favorite fruit is a peach, my favorite drink is strawberry milk, and my favorite veggies are green beans. There's so much more I'm learning every day! I also have an amazing memory now, I remember things that happened months ago and I don't forget people barely at all. Mommy says it's amazing since she doesn't have a good memory for any of that. I even know the names of everyone in my daycare, even the kids that aren't in my class!

      Speaking of daycare, I am at the top of the waiting list now for a montessori school. I hope I get in soon! Mommy says I am very advanced and that's why I'm always with the older kids at my daycare so I would really learn a lot at a montessori school. I can't wait!

      Well, I guess that's it for now. I can't wait for people to come visit us this summer! See you soon!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Chaos Kid

Call me chaos kid. Give me a day and I'll show you what chaos really is.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sophie Speaks


      Sophie here, good to see you! Today we are going to do something different. Mommy took all the stuff she posted on Facebook (with me talking) and wrote it all down. I rewrote everything a little so it's all here! I even have some pictures!

(These go from yesterday all the way to over a year ago!)


Sophie: Can I pick the flowers?
Mommy: No, the bees need them to get pollen and eat
Sophie: They need them to eat?
Mommy: Yes
Sophie: (with a smile) They can't get me if they can't eat.


Daddy and Mommy were talking about breakfast and they weren't getting the message. So I grabbed Mommy's face, patted her cheeks, looked into her eyes and let her know.... "WAFFLES".


Sophie: I love snack.
Mommy: Oh yeah? What's your favorite snack?
Sophie: Snack, I eat snack forever.
Mommy: Forever?
Sophie: Forever and forever because I love it.


Sophie: I love my toys
Mommy: Why do you love your toys?
Sophie: Because I play with them.
Mommy: You play with Daddy too. Do you love Daddy?
Sophie: Uhhhhhhhhh...... yes. I love Daddy.
Mommy: Do you love me?
Sophie: Uh no.
Mommy: Why not?
Sophie: Yes, yes.
Mommy: You meant yes?
Sophie: Yes I meant yes.


“MAY I carry the swimming suits?”


I was holding an empty container and talking to our cat Socks.
Sophie: No no Socks this is not for you. This is chocolate ice cream. It's not for you, it's dirty on your face. Chocolate ice cream is not for you, I eat it all.
Mommy: Why can't socks eat chocolate ice cream?
Sophie: Because he's tired, you see he's tired? I eat it all, and Daddy.


*singing* There's a squirrelllll, in my nossssse, there's a squirrrrrrel, in my strollerrrrrrrrrr


Sophie: Mommy! Mommy! I want you to come in and see me! *I made a fort out of my ball pit and toys.*
Mommy: What are you doing?
Sophie: I'm hiding
Mommy: From what?
Sophie *I gave her the signal to hush and whispered* The kitchen, the cups are watching.


Sophie: (from my room) Mommyyyyyyyyyyyy, Mommyyyyyyyyyyy, Mommyyyyyyyyyy
Mommy: Sophie you need to go to nap.
Sophie: I want to sleep wifff yooooooooooooooooou


Sophie: I see the girl in the mirror
Mommy: That’s you silly
Sophie: Hi


Sophie: I like my Jack (her stuffed animal).
Mommy: That's good
Sophie: Yeah, he's a little boy
Mommy: That's nice
Sophie: He's my baby brother
Mommy: Wait, what?
Sophie: He's my little baby brother Jack
Mommy: *laughing* We are not even going there kiddo. Does someone at your daycare have a baby brother?
Sophie: Yes. Lily has a baby brother, Lindsey has a baby brother.
Mommy: Gotcha.


"Mommy, you're too tall to wear necklaces"


I was looking at a disney seek and find book when I saw a Jungle Book one.

Sophie: Mommy! She's only wearing panties!!
Mommy: That's a boy.
Sophie: *gasps* A BOY?? He's only wearing panties Mommy!
Mommy: Well, he lives in the jungle....
Sophie: Oh... They only wear panties in the jungle.

I got it!


Sophie: Bye bye Mommy, Im going to the store! I have my cards and my purse.
Mommy: What are you going to buy?
Sophie: A tiger.
Mommy: A tiger??
Sophie: And a lion.

Then I accidentally ran over my baby doll as I tried to wheel my riding dinosaur towards the door. Its leg fell off and I started panicking. Mommy laughed as she fixed my dolls leg back on. She thought it was funny, but it wasn't!


*Singing* S-O-Peee-H-I-Beeee! Sunday, Thursday, SOPHIE MAE!! YAY!!!!!


Mommy: You can't take that to daycare
Sophie: I NEED it!
Mommy: Why?
Sophie: I think I like it. I need to play wif it.


Mommy: You took off your socks and your shoes, now you have bare feet!
Sophie: I have BEAR feet? RAWR!!


Sophie: Socks wants my food I think.
Mommy: You think?
Sophie: Yeah. I think a lot.


I built a castle!


Sophie: Mommy, I miss my laptop!
Mommy: You've never owned a laptop.
Sophie: Oh...


Sophie: Oh no, where my onion?
Daddy: Your what?
Sophie: My onion!
Mommy: Sophie, what is an onion?
Sophie: *Freaking out now* my onion's in the car!
Mommy: Do you eat your onion?
Sophie: No!
Daddy: Do you wear your onion?
Sophie: Yes!
Daddy: Are you talking about your mittens?
Sophie: Yes, my onions!


Sophie: Oh MY Mommy!
Mommy: What is it Sophie?
Sophie: I'm SO CUTE!!!


Sophie: You don't say no to me okay?
Mommy: I can't promise that.
Sophie: I have a juice now?
Mommy: Um, no.
Sophie: But, you no say no to me!
Mommy: I didn't promise anything.
Sophie: Promise Mommy!
Mommy: No.
Sophie: grrrrrr 


Sophie: *Crying*
Daddy: What's wrong Sophie?
Sophie: *In between sobs* I. Want. A. Sandwich. *Keeps on crying*
Daddy: I'll make you a sandwich.
Sophie: *still crying* Turkey. Sandwich. With. Milk?
Daddy: Yes I can do that.
Sophie: *A sly smile* And juice????
Daddy: And juice.
Sophie: *Giggles and leads the way into the kitchen*


Daddy: Did you have a good sleep?
Sophie: Yeah!
Daddy: What did you dream about?
Sophie: Driving Mommy places
Daddy: Driving Mommy around everywhere?
Sophie: Yeah, in da seat
Daddy: Was it fun?
Sophie: OH YEAH!!


Sophie: (at nap time) Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy MOMMY!!!!!!
Mommy: (finally giving in) What is it Sophie?
Sophie: (barely peeks above the blanket) I love you! (ducks back down under the blanket and hides)


"I go nap now mama!"


Mommy: Oh wow, are you a little pirate?
Sophie: No, I Sophie!!


Mommy: Sophie, what are you doing?
Sophie: Mommy, I singing!


Mommy was singing to me when I couldn't get my sock back on after I took it off.
Sophie: *Whines*
Mommy: Wow Sophie! Did I rock your socks off?
Sophie: *Thinks* An shoes!
Mommy: I must be amazing!
Sophie: *Grins* Ohhhh yeah!


Mommy: Sophie, wow, you're such a big girl I can't believe it!
Sophie: Baleeb it!


Sophie: name Mommy, name Daddy!
Mommy: what's your name?
Sophie: Saucy!




One time, after I slapped Mommy in the face...

Mommy: Why did you do that to me?
Sophie: *points towards the kitchen* Cheese.


Sophie: ByeBye!! *waves* Bye!
Mommy: Where ya going Sophie?
Sophie: Car! ByeBye! *runs around the corner giggling*


Mommy: Thank you!
Sophie: Ma Lakom


"awwwooooooooooo, arf arf, awwwooooooo".


Mommy: Do you want more?
Sophie: No!
Daddy: So are you all done?

Sophie: No! No! Noooooo!

      Well that's it! Mommy thinks I've been a little crazy, I think I'm just AWESOME!! 

      See you soon!


Sunday, April 6, 2014


Backlog post #2!

HI!!!!!!!! I LOVE my pigtails!! Yesterday we took some pictures, then today we tried some family pictures!

Here they are!

I love having pigtails!!
Ttfn, ta ta for now!